Intersection Music Group’s first signee, Ahmady, brings waves of fire to the music industry with his eclectic range of styles and his music fits every scenario and every vibe. With a touch of many different sounds from around the globe, he makes music for the world to FEEL, for the perfect moment/every moment.

Ahmady likes to say he’s still evolving; after experiencing his authentic approach to expression, it’s clear that his music easily resonates, a style of music that just is “whatever you want it to be,” without limitations. As one delves deeper into his artistry, you witness how he expresses his free, limitless style into all other lanes of his life such as fashion, design, or anything else he immerses himself in, his art and creativity expanding like technology.

Ahmady’s career began in 2015 when he began to record songs in his bedroom with his friends, the music collective “Society,” and, in the present day, now signed to Intersection, one can hear that he has vastly grown into the artist he is continuing to become. Although he has always had the intention of being a musical artist since childhood (when he would write songs and perform in front of his peers), he soon took an interest in acting and performing in theater throughout his middle and high school years.

He continues to craft and utilize those talents wherever possible, aspiring to appear in film as well as the theater. Though being from Atlanta, a city with hip-hop rooted to its core, Ahmady is inspired and influenced by music from all over the globe.

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Tamara Hill

Director Of Operations



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